Serres Central Public Library played an important cultural role in the city of Serres. It’s book and journal collections have always been enriched and despite the fact that for more than 30 years it deprived of a private owned space it scored huge numbers of lending books. SCPL had always realised that a Public Library is not a static organisation but tried to bring the people of the city more closely to the spirit of a new age. The new five storeys library constructed downtown the city of Serres in 2006, enabled the SCPL to enhance services, expand programs, promote literacy and add new dimensions that maximize the library's role and usefulness in the community.

 Literature seminars:

 The seminars started in 1999 and have already completed six thematic courses. Every course includes seven monthly presentations. The organiser of the seminars is the novelist Theodoros Grigoriadis who is also a literary advisor to the SCPL. The aim of the literature seminars is to promote literary novel reading in a creative way and show how fiction works. There have been lectures on contemporary world fiction, on classic writers, on Nobelists, on modern Greek fiction etc. Each presentation includes the analysis of a novel or more, video or audio material, small book exhibitions, edited material handed to the audience with novel excerpts and biographical information about the authors. The audience is usually consisted of adults who take part in the conversation afterwards. Meetings with school classes are also taking place.

 Cinema Club:

The Cinema Club functions complementary to the Literary Seminars. The novelist Theodoros Grigoriadis, is also organising The Cinema Club which shows films whose script are adapted from novels. Every year seven films are played.

Visits of schools:

Schools are encouraged to visit the Library and attend different programs so that they become aware of what is a library, how operates and get a tour of the premises.

Educational programmes:

The Serres Central Public Library gave new dimensions to enrich and improve the ways children read through various educational programes. Children's collections in the library attempt to meet the educational needs and the public librarians have always focused on promoting the joy of reading as well as fostering the emerging literacy skills of children. The educational programs are an alternative type of istruction and enable students to efficiently absorb the curriculum through innovative forms of teaching that require action and active participation.

 Book events:

In the library books, albums or special editions relating to the history and traditions of the region are often presented. In several cases the library itself is a sponsor of special publications.


Too often lectures by experts in diverse fields like literature, history, linguistics, philosophy occur. Occasionally clubs or special branches of scientific fields organize workshops and conferences.  

Other events:

Music: piano concerts, quartets, guitar concerts, rock opera concerts, string ensembles, folk music bands, choral concerts.

Exhibitions: painting, sculpture, photography, prints and maps collections are exhibited on the 5th floor which is designed to operate as a gallery.

Theatre: clown performances, karagioz shadow theatre, theatrical sets, one-act play.

The Serres Central Public Library also provides a Public Information Centre with 10 PCs with free public use and free internet access.

There is also a section with special equipment (computers) for people with disabilities.

The procedure to digitize old books and journals is getting on.

The internet site of the library is an reliable source of information on literary, artistic and social issues, and usually comes first in searches through google as a "βιβλιοθήκη" (library). The whole library catalog is posted on line.

SCPL is one of the participant libraries for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award by nominating every year 3 novels in English.