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Athens Prize for Literature 2011

  Athens Prize for Literature 2011

This years awards for Athens Prize for Literature for novels published in 2010 are:
Best foreign novel: Shahriar Mandanipour, Censoring an Iranian Love Story.
The short list also included:
John Banville, The Infinities
J.M. Coetze Summertime: Scenes from a provincial Life
Don DeLillo Falling Man
Richard Ford, The Lay of the Land
Barbara Kingsolver, The poisoned Bible
Yasmina Khandra, Ce que le jour doit a la nuit
Patrick Lane, Red dog, red dog
Shahriar Mandanipour Censoring an Iranian Love Story
Christos Tsiolkas, Dead Europe
Edmund White, Hotel de dream
Best Greek novel: Sofia Nikolaidou, Apopse den ehoume filous (Tonight we have no friends with us)

Mandanipour wrote his novel in Farsi and published it in America where he now lives. His books are censored in Iran. Previous winners of Athens Prize for Foreign novel were Pierre Assouline, Xavies Cerkas, Jonathan Littel, Ma Jan.

The books were proposed by publishers and the authors lists of candidates are selected by two teams, consisting of five writers each.. The prizes are accompanied by a collectible set of writing Bernard Shaw and Toman Man of thesponsoring company Mont Blanc and a mikrosculpture created by the artist Theodore.

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