Mobile Library - General information

Serres Public Central Library participates in the project of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs "Support of Educational Work by Mobile Libraries" which was funded by the European Union.

Books on four wheels reach the remotest schools of the region for pupils who are under-privileged and donít have access to a library. Our Mobile Unit is equipped with modern technological devices and it supports teachersí work while it provides pupils with information, entertainment and the necessary tools to become familiarized with the fields of knowledge and information.

The Libraryís Mobile Unit meets the needs either of those schools for which no provisions have been made for a School Library or of those which do not have the necessary premises available for a Library.

The Mobile Unitís organisation and complete automation allows school communities to get the requested material as soon as possible (by the word material we refer to printed, audiovisual items etc.) and facilitates immediate access to sources of information for any one interested. Thus, in the context of todayís potentialities and prospects regarding informatics and telematics, new infrastructure for education will be created, which will ensure the continuation and development of the increasing cognitive capital.

The following objectives are therefore achieved by creating a Mobile Unit:

Where there is lack of school Libraries the problem is solved immediately; moreover the school units are connected with national and international centres of information.

The process of education is considerably supported with special emphasis to the syllabus, autonomy of learning and entertainment of teachers and pupils.

The necessary infrastructure and know-how is being gradually formed so as to promote the institution of school Libraries.

High quality services are provided and the material available is best exploited by using modern technological devices. 

School communities develop a better relationship with local societies.

Finally the Mobile Unit will act as a catalyst in the process of establishing a connection with the network of Greek Libraries of which it is a member.