Children's section

We consider books to be the foundation of education and culture besides being the means of spreading ideas and knowledge.

The objective of the childrenĺs department in the Public Central Library is to offer children books covering their needs for entertainment, information, education and research. This aim is achieved by making them love reading and become familiarized with printed material.

Reading then, especially from a young age, is this beautiful habit that shapes characters, gives knowledge, helps children communicate and acquire new experiences and brings their sentimental world to a completion. Moreover it improves their speech ability and leads to moulding their personality in a proper and systematic way. In a few words books form human beings.

It is common belief that childrenĺs literature is beneficial to their development. Books that nourish their dreams and imagination and create love for reading. This love is one of the greatest investments in our childrenĺs future and the future of our country.

Letĺs give our message then: reading is culture; readers are lucky because we draw information from books of all sorts, we travel with our bodies and souls and we explore new situations inaccessible in our everyday routine.

The children's library comprises roughly 6.000 volumes. The collection is suitable for children aged 1-12 years old and teenagers. It is divided into the following categories:

bullet Books for preschool age (illustrated stories, books containing information-for infants)
bullet Books for children aged 6-8 (illustrated stories, fairy-tales, short stories..)
bullet Books for children aged 9-12 (Greek and foreign literature, adventures, intellectual games, theatre, poetry, comics etc.).
bullet Books for teenagers (Greek and foreign literature).
bullet Books on various subjects (history, mythology, religion, geography, art, encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, PC, natural sciences etc). 
bullet Audiovisual material in video tapes and tapes with fairy tales.
bullet CD-ROMs on various subjects: natural history, art, history, geography, religion, culture etc.

The books on various subjects are categorized according to the Decimal System of Classification by Melvil Dewey (DDC Dewey 20th ed.) as follows:

General subjects-PCs/IT-Library Science
Religion ľ Mythology 
Social sciences (Economy - Law ľ Education-Folklore Science)
Sciences (Mathematics - Physics - Chemistry - Geology)
Applied sciences (Medicine - Mechanics - Agriculture - Technology)
Art (Architecture - Sculpture - Painting - Music - Sports)

In the end of every classification number there is the symbol (­), which indicates that the book belongs to the childrenĺs library. The rest of the categories are arranged in the following way:

Illustrated stories
Greek fairy-tales
Foreign fairy-tales 
Greek children's literature
Foreign children's literature
Greek literature for teenagers
Foreign literature for teenagers
CL Foreign children's literature
┼╦* Greek children's literature (6-8 years old)
╬╦* Foreign children's literature (6-8 years old)

All the books of the childrenĺs library are computerized with the system ABEKT 5.6 for our little readers to get the best possible service.

The children's library offers children the possibility to get closer to books and become familiarized with reading. It addresses all children, regardless of their financial and social status and their origins.